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Edgar Kennedy   

@RKO - Before the Mr. Average Man Series.

Featuring Edgar Kennedy in starring/featured roles at RKO, at the same time he was starting the Mr. Average Man series comedies.

The Next Door Neighbors (1930)

A Melodies Comedy.

Direction and story: Harry Sweet.

Edgar Kennedy, Arthur Houseman, Franklin Pangborn,

Edgar  plays a composer in need of a little peace and quiet so he can complete his song; his next-door neighbor, is recovering from a hangover. Between a persistently ringing phone and banging screen doors, they drive each other crazy, and their fury grows over the course of two reels -- Kennedy, the master of the slow burn, tears at what little hair he has, while Housman remains deadpan, but no less furious, throughout. The two of them wind up taking their frustrations out on each other's homes, and as they and their wives storm from one place to the next, they also destroy the handiwork of their equally aggravated landlord Franklin Pangborn, who is trying to build a picket fence. Before long, the wreckage resembles something you might see on a Laurel and Hardy set.

Never The Twins Shall Meet (1932)

Director: Harold Schwartz.

Roscoe Ates, Edgar Kennedy, Cecil Cunningham, Monte Collins, Billy Gilbert.

Edgar steals the show as Roscoe plays twins that have gone their separate ways and meet comically again in the turbulent household.

Help Wanted, Female (1931)

Director Ralph Ceder.

Daphne Pollard, Edgar Kennedy, Arthur Housman, Marion Lord.

A new housekeeper, her son, and two not-too-bright burglars wreak havoc at a doctor's office.

60 minutes, b/w


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